Kitchen sink mats – are they cool? I’ve been contemplating this a while now – weird right?

Well, I’ve always grown up with one in my parent’s home and my mom immediately purchased one for me when I moved out yet since I’m trying the whole “less is more” approach to my living and since my latest one just bit the dust, I was curious – need I replace it? It’s still up for debate but I did find some fun and colourful ones in case I feel the desire to put something beneath my feet:

1. IKEA Signe Mat – Leave it to IKEA to create something cheap and cheerful. I’m a sucker for stripes the variety of colours makes it the perfect fit for any home.
2. West Elm Chevron Wool Rug – A modern take on the traditional stripe, this mat will help add that zig to your zag.
3. Dream Menagerie Rug – Not your traditional mat for the kitchen but if your sink is in a corner it may just fit the bill.
4. Alemannic Flatweave Rug – The ducks or swans on this rug just make me smile and will bring out the kid in anyone.
5. Capel Star Parakeet Rug – A little retro inspiration never hurt anyone, did it? Placing this in a modern or clean apartment throws a fun and unexpected twist.

What’s on your floor in the kitchen, anything?


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  1. Jennifer
    March 25, 2014 at 12:09 am (4 years ago)

    I really like #2!


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