Back from a sunny vacation in South Beach Miami, a bachelorette to be specific and it was the bomb. Easing back into the work week with a fun announcement. Kinda a big deal – it’s the sex of our babe to be…. and it’s a… DSC_0010

G I R L !!!!!!!


We’re so excited to know that she’s a she! Even before we were pregnant, we always knew we wanted to know the sex of our baby-to-be. I could see the appeal of waiting until birth and I could imagine how amazing the reveal would be then but we both decided we wanted to know in advance,  we’re curious little cats you see.

HUGE hugs and kisses to our dear friends Shawna, who was just as excited as we were and gave us these adorable little cookies. She sourced them through Lindsey Bakes right here in Toronto. The cookies are not only phenomenally done but taste delicious.


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