Get me out from under this gray cloud that has been above our heads for weeks! I said something of the sorts to A and he (who usually doesn’t always agree with me) nodded his head and felt the same desire for some sun. Using some of our points – we booked a last minute(ish) trip to South Beach next weekend! And I couldn’t be more excited about it!!!!!!! We have been to South Beach many times before – long ago, A’s boss had a condo that she would lend to us multiple times a year and we took full advantage. Sure, there’s the “typical” South Beach cheesiness – the beyond plastic surgery, the showy cars and quasi celebrities, but we have our go-to places that we enjoy and I can’t wait to explore other things that South Beach has to offer like the The Wynwood Walls. While we are still landing on our accommodations, I came across this cool hotel called The Surfcomber – it’s unexpectedly funky in the sometimes sleek and art deco centric designed places. Wherever we end up, we will definitely taking a peek at their lobby.

SurfComberMiami-6 SurfComberMiami-7 SurfComberMiami-10 SurfComberMiami-13 SurfComberMiami-15 SurfComberMiami-16 SurfComberMiami

All images via // Photography by Andrea Posadas

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