Well hello there! I hope you had a nice long weekend and perhaps you are enjoying the final day of Easter today. Last week was a doozy for me – feeling blue would be putting it lightly! Feeling under the weather and the lack of sunshine was a real bummer yet Saturday thankfully brought some sunshine for the weekend and it felt so nice and lively to be out and about. A and I had a super relaxing weekend, perhaps one of the most relaxing that I can remember having which was really nice. Back to gray days today however there’s sun in the forecast for the remainder of the week which has my head up 🙂 Oh and this place – check this home out. It’s incredible. I love the neutral palette, the design as well as their many treasures from their travels. To read more about this couple (I want to befriend this girl) click here FJXF0002 FJXF0055 FJXF0035 FJXF0106_1 FJXF0101 FJXF0346 FJXF0129 FJXF0527 FJXF0118 FJXF0312 FJXF0278 FJXF0337 FJXF0136 FJXF0170 FJXF0156 FJXF0239 FJXF0215 FJXF0179 Completely obsessed.

Images via Apartment Therapy // Photography by Emily Billings // Design by Melissa Miranda


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