Earthy Tones

I know I’m not the only one that is pining for Springtime already but I have this sudden urge to surround myself with rich, earthy tones like rust, greens, wood textures, and a little contrast to round it all out. Never thought I would be so into a simple, plain black soap pump but here I am, wondering if it will be available when H&M opens their home departments this coming Spring! Since I’ve just finished off our kitchen, I’m quickly looking at my next space in our little loft to get started on and have decided it’s the bathroom! While we won’t be doing any major changes (read: no pretty new tiles or nothing) I am excited about adding some new elements to give it some life. SIDENOTE –  I’ve been lucky enough to use some of the items shared above in our recent client project aptly named Client Urban Treehouse – can’t wait to show you this one.

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