I love finding new crushes on Insta. It sounds super silly but when I’m told about someone who I may find interesting or someone with an amazing although strategically shared life – I dive right in. The other day, my colleague and friend Laura shared an artist whose work is not only amazing but so is her adorable little family, and of course her cool friend group too. You know how it works, the next thing you know after flipping through her photos you’re onto someone else’s feed whose is also next level which leads me to how I came across Marysia Swim‘s work and home space.  It’s bright, it’s white, it’s LA chic, it’s beachy and beautiful. Her work space reflects her home and vice versa which is really cool. As someone who is currently struggling with her home office, this provides me with much inspiration.


Beautiful swimwear / most a little too itty bitty for me!




Love beachy print, anywhere, anytime. 

Considering adding some cork to my den as well – it’s nice to throw up ideas and inspiration where it sits right in front of you.

marysiaswim Cute fam with three dogs! I want three dogs!!!!


LOVE this console table so much. 
marysiaswim4 Guest room, super simple yet effective. I’d stay over anytime.

Beautiful room for a little girl. Imagine growing up in there? Marysiaswim2

Love the art, coffee table, chairs and ok fine, I just love it all.


Photos by Jessie Webster :: for Lonny


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