B&W1 Saying that I love black and white in my life is an understatement but one thing that I am growing to appreciate over time are the architectural details. Living in our loft, the previous homeowners did some great work which we are happy about however it could use a little finesse. Looking at the mouldings and other architectural details such as the french doors and wainscoting in this beautiful Stockholm apartment, have me wanting some in our space. I’m considering adding some wainscotting to one of our walls yet fear that it would appear uneven. It’s a completely blank wall in our hallway and therefore feel that it’s perfect spot! I’ve put that on the back burner for now until I complete the other three mini renovations we have started. Typical me, starting something and starting another before the first is complete. Hang tight my friends because I promise you that once they are complete, I will be sharing the reveals! I am just waiting for specific items and refuse to compromise my vision.
BW2 BW3 BW4 BW5 BW6 BW7 BW8 bw9

Source: Rue I Photography: Stadshem


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