We returned from our French Holiday / Baby Moon late Sunday (last Sunday… that’s how behind I am these days!) and it’s safe to say that I’m now obsessed with France and everything French. I’ve taken a couple days to adjust back into the swing of things and work but I can’t stop day dreaming. I know everyone thinks Paris is magic (although, I had also heard that some people didn’t enjoy it!) so there was a small part of me thinking it may be a bit cliche, a bit “overdone” if you will and a bit too precious but I was wrong. I fell in love with it and want to live there. Sidenote: I always want to move after we visit Europe, I just think they do life better and in all honesty, they offer a more chic lifestyle.

Our trip was a fabulous mixture of city bustle and country relaxation and I’m currently still trying to climb out from my vacation depression (it’s a real thing). The good news is that I have come home to plenty of other exciting things including the possession of our new home! It’s been so exciting to visit, start moving little things here and there in and planning out what the space will look like. We’re currently packing up our little loft which is the worst as anyone who has ever moved can attest to but my recent trip now has me ensuring that there’s a hint of french in every room. After flipping through some french decor magazines while on Holiday, I came across this space and just love everything about it. The mixture of the modernity and glamour, the eclectic and classic and the minimal approach yet high impact. I could happily live here!

Paris_1 Paris_2

Currently searching for a large mirror, for our mantle! We have a mantle!!!! Yay! I’m taking lots of pics so I can reveal the before and afters BUT FIRST, I must reveal the before and afters of our loft (can you believe I haven’t done that yet?).  Paris_3

LOVE this art – Have you ever noticed that the J.Crew on Bloor St W in Toronto has something similar? Every time I’m in there I want to walk away with it.  Paris_4

Classical while not boring at all, and those floors I so badly want those floors.


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