Candles are my jam. I love them!
Been burning since the 90’s and I have a random memory of my mom being slightly nervous of my affection for them. Mostly because, like any mom, she feared that I would leave my room or the house without blowing them out. Fair enough I suppose, but I was responsible and luckily didn’t burn anything down.

Candles are the perfect gift, can transform the atmosphere of any room and add a cozy factor like nothing else (especially if you are sans fireplace like me!). BUT did you know you need to be trimming your wicks? Nope, either did I until I read it somewhere. It helps prevent any black smoke, you know the one that darkens the side of your candle and also provides a more overall clean look. 1/8 of an inch is the ideal length for your wick and it’s been said to trim every 4 hours of burn time (who really keeps track though?). I found my wick trimmer in a little gardening store but of course you can also purchase online.

DSC_0267 DSC_0270



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