Yay – the first snowfall of the year! Although it didn’t last, it brought along a little magic. I’m getting excited for holidays and all the cheer they bring. Following suit of the snow, I’ve pulled together some things that I’m hoping that will help make my Christmas a little brighter. This time of year can get a little cluttered with decorations, glitter and colours and this year more than ever, I’m striving for simplicity with my holiday decorating.

White Christmas

1 – White Christmas Tree – Oh, how I would love to have one in our loft but Andrew hates them and isn’t willing to budge on the standard green tree.
2 – Gold Star – Because well, every household should have one whether it’s hung from the ceiling or sitting on top of your tree.
3 – Animal Ornaments – I just love them on the tree, I think they add so much character and are just so cute. I started a collection last year and will be continuing with that theme this year.
4 – Agate Coasters – So they aren’t overly Christmasy BUT are the perfect gift, am I right?
5 – Frends Headphones – So glam, I love the rose gold.
6 – Penguin Snow globe – Snow globes remind me of my childhood when my Dad would purchase a new one for me each year and we would display them around the house.
7 – Coupe Glasses – Champagne shouldn’t be served in any other glass.
8 – White Velvet Ribbon – For wrapping those presents that require that little something extra.
9 – Feu de Bois Scented Candle – Since I don’t have a fireplace, I need to get that scent from somewhere!
10 – Lion Head Cookie Jar – He just holds your cookies like a boss and who wouldn’t want one on their counter?

How are you decorating your home this year?


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