I can’t quite seem to get California off my mind. I’m constantly thinking, oh just a week and a bit ago we were “here” and shopping for that “thing” and seeing “that” person. Lets just say I’m still in a bit of a love affair with the place. One of the most amazing parts of our stay was the access to the LA design and decor stores. Everything from high-end to low-end (hello Target!) was at our fingertips or rather an uber ride away. It was so freeing and it also made our job a lot easier. I wouldn’t necessarily say that my design aesthetic is strictly LA bohemian or beachy but there’s some California influences for sure. If I could redo my living room ALL over again I would fill it with some of the items I’ve shared above.

1 –  The palms! I love palms (who doesn’t, really?). I’m still working on the art for our bedroom and am deciding between palms or rice fields… considering the inspiration is Bali – both work! Source from pic.

2 – Coolest wall sconce – really into wall sconces behind couches theses days.

3 – A plant is a good idea for any living room but especially for cool living rooms. Not only do they clean the air we breath but add texture. I especially like this elevated planter.

4 – Pillows! I love them and more specifically, I love a plethora of them. I’ve really been into the rust colour these days and am attached to this little lumbar. I feel like it’s going to be relevant colour moving into the remainder of 2016.

5 – One place that we hit up while in LA was Clad Home – they make custom furniture for a super reasonable price (until you exchange it into Canadian) and they just had the best decor and accessories – Laura and I were dying in there wanting to take it all back with us.

6 – The space we worked on had this existing worn in leather bench that was just to die and now I’m obsessed with that leather. A chair, couch or bench – I’ll take it!

7 – I love a soft seating option in a living space, it’s comfortable and inviting like this colourful and playful pouf!

8 – Indigo is everywhere but I’m not tired of it yet including this small area rug. Please note that I realize this is much too small for the living room but there may be a spot for it in your kitchen or entry way?

9 – Every living room, no matter what the style, requires chic candle taper candle holders.

10 – A love a little marble in the room, doesn’t need to be the coffee table but it’s great if it is.

11 – More pillows! I love how this one reminds me a poncho from the 70’s.


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