One of my favourite parts of my old job was working on events. I loved the process from starting with a vision right through to the execution. This was one aspect that I was going to miss the most after not returning to PR but it’s one that I plan on including in my services moving forward when I launch my own business (which is really scary to even type out).

Back in May I helped my friend Tara, founder and owner of the Health Hut and renowned holistic nutritionist, second location opening on Harbord St. When we first met we both agreed on a vision that was sparked by the term “humble luxury”. Since her store carried quality, all-natural goods we wanted to stay true to that while still making it a chic event for her clients, friends and family.

IMG_8903 We were both lucky that she scored the cutest little shop and had this space right beside her door that was perfect for a party. She really didn’t need too much in terms of decor since her product is beautiful enough so we just added some floral and a wicked table.
IMG_8896 IMG_8911 IMG_8917 IMG_8929 IMG_8933 IMG_8936 IMG_8945 IMG_8959 IMG_8964 IMG_8983 Tara and her mom!
IMG_9027 IMG_9030 IMG_9070 IMG_9239 IMG_9307 It was a beautiful night, thanks for letting me be a part of it Tara!

All photos by Joanna Crichton.

You can also shop the items you see with her online store here.


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