Whenever A and I would move from rental to rental we didn’t really hesitate too much with filling the walls with holes and art. That changed when we moved into our first owned space, our current place, our little loft! With the high ceilings, we had plenty of space to fill with frames, art and other exciting things yet it took us so long to decide on what exactly. One wall in our Kitchen/Living area was the hardest decision because it was such a large scale and we really wanted to put something unique up there. Not having a huge budget for amazing art, we had to get creative. To be clear, we will have been here 3 years in October so we waited a long time. We considered a mural but I have a love/hate relationships with them and couldn’t commit. I also do love white walls, I mean I lived with them for so long, but it did feel a little bare. So on my trip to Marrakech – I knew JUST the thing to fill the space. Without having access to much wifi while being there – I made the executive decision and just hoped A would be on board.

The Inspiration: 

During one of our styling workshops, we were working on this one room and I just loved how colourful, unique and playful the woven baskets were on the wall. In this moment, I realized it’s the perfect solution for our blank wall at home! I added those babies to my shopping list when we were heading to the medina.


The Install:

When installing something of such grand scale to the wall, I knew I wanted to have an idea of placement so I traced and cut out the circles so we could try them on the wall.

IMG_0725 DSC_0155 DSC_0157 DSC_0158

My cute handyman.

The End Result:

DSC_0212 DSC_0214 DSC_0213

So my advice, if you’re filling some blank walls would be: Wait as long as you can! You never know what your next trip will inspire you to do and you’ll have a truly unique look.


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