DSC_0164 This year, Easter is in March and it coming up quickly! Although I don’t hunt for the bunny eggs any longer (although A has adorably enough hide some in recent years for me) I do appreciate a well themed meal. As cute as easter can be, the pastels, the bunnies and the mini eggs, sometimes it can become a tacky, hot mess quick. When organizing this table I opted for neutrals and soft colour additions. For the floral arrangements, I tend to stay away from roses however these soft taupes and greens felt just right. DSC_0166 DSC_0168

Adding some natural spring elements like the pussy willow branches gave bit more of a rustic approach while still being refined.

Greenery is always a good idea if you’re not using a runner.

DSC_0184 Surround with friends and family along with warm food and you’re guaranteed a good time.


Top off the meal with a delicious yet light angle food cake with none other than mini-eggs! This one was made by my bestie who just moved, not only to the same city but the SAME street!!!

Easter Table


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