Any chance I get to dress up – i’m in! It’s so fun emulating another character and dressing up in costume. Most of the fun part is searching and sourcing those key items that really pull the costume together. Every year, I try to start with items that are actually already in my closet to save on some costs because after all, it is just one night! This year, during the move – I recovered an old sequinned dress that I knew I wanted to wear. Fast forward to fall and my sudden urge to wear a wig (and now the sudden urge to cut my hair short!) and I’ve come up with my costume – Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. I’d be lying if viewing the recent film didn’t persuade my choice in costume but I simply couldn’t resist. So if you’re like me and have a sparkly, sequinned dress stored somewhere – below are some additional pieces that will allow you to steal Gatsby eye just as Daisy did.

1. Sparkly Cocktail Dress
2. Art deco dangling earrings
3. Fur collar
4. Headband
5. Stack of pearls bracelet
6. Evening shoes
7. Clutch

What will you be this year for Halloween?


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