DSC_0272 Since making my Christmas wreath last year, I made the decision to keep up with the tradition for decking the halls. Since working with boxwood greenery last year, I figured I would switch up my game a bit and try pine.

Items required:

  • Wire (a thick and sturdy kind)
  • Wire (a less sturdy, more pliable and green kind)
  • Greenery
  • Wreath adornments (I used gold bells and glitter leaves)

Disclaimer – purchase a wire framed wreath, don’t try to make one like I did. It’s just a lot more effort and I would image that it’s more sturdy. The one I did make does the trick though so if you happen to have some wire kicking around – have at it!

DSC_0280 Once you have your wire frame (store bought and not the hideous looking one that I made pictured above), you simply work your way around the frame, attaching the greenery as you go with the softer, more plyable and green wire.
DSC_0282 When you have covered the wire and your wreath is looking as plush as possible – it’s time to add some accents. I kept it fairly simple and used some glitter leaves and large gold bells. Sometimes during the holiday season, less is more.
IMG_6134 And that’s it! Hang it on your door, above your fireplace or where ever your heart desires.

Merry Christmas!



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