I’ve expressed my love for our previous chalkboard door here so once we moved into our loft I was excited about our next chalk “space” if you will. The back of our front door seemed like a natural place for it and even though I know you aren’t supposed to paint over wood – we went for it! Painting chalkboard is really easy, just the same as regular paint BUT in case you were looking to do the back of your front door too, I show you how I did mine.


1. Supplies – I used Benjamin Moore’s Latex Chalkboard Paint and other than that you just need painter’s tape, a paint roller, paint tray and sanding block.


2. Tape your perimeter – Since we were doing the backside of our door, it was easy to create a border with tape.


3. Prepare your surface – I simply wiped down the door of any dust or sticky substances. Then you need to allow it to dry and sand down the existing shine or coating.


4. Paint away – Leaving the border of the door for a smaller paint brush so I could be more precise, fill in the centre of your door with your handy paint roller.


5. Keep painting – The paint doesn’t take too long to dry so I did two coats to make a more stark black.


6. Have fun with it! I love having the chalkboard because there really is the potential to do anything! The weirder the better.


7. Leave space for guests – I was sure not to add too much as we are having some guests on the weekend and I wanted to leave a room for the love notes we tend to get.

Happy Painting!

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