Are you feeling it this week? Because I for one am not. Still fighting a cold, the darker mornings and evenings, some annoying car trouble and an overall feeling of blah have me down. BUT there’s nothing quite like a little “pick me up” like some room inspiration, right?

This weekend I’m tackling some painting around our place. I’m working on both the den and our bedroom however I think I’m underestimating how long our den is actually going to take. It has custom shelving which is fab but it’s in a wood and with zero daylight entering that space, it’s time to whiten and brighten it up! The goal is to make it a functioning work space for me which I am beyond excited about and will finally have a place to store my stuff as opposed to using our kitchen table (hurrah!). I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to paint the desktop white as well or leave it wood but I’m swaying towards the white wash situation.

It’s interesting when you search for white shelving in an office space on Pinterest, you come across ALL OF THE SAME stuff. White, gold, pink peonies on the desk etc. etc. so I’m vowing to not fall into that standard and am striving for something a little different.

Love the idea here how they turned the spine tot he back of the shelving. I had recently seen a bookshelf where they covered their books in white but I think this is a little more practical when looking for a certain book.


I love how this bookshelf just boasts smarts. It looks like it has wisdom and I enjoy that about it.


So this is clearly not an office space per se but I basically just love everything that Amber Interiors does and this is no exception.

Sources for Top Image, Middle Image, Bottom Image via Pinterest.


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