Some days I question my late in life career switch (like today) and then quickly thereafter – I read about someone inspiring who has done the same and all of the sudden a feel a small sense of relief. Today I learned about Christina Coop, former attorney transformed into wallpaper designer. I was familiar with Hygge & West but never took the time to learn who was behind it and it’s Christina along with her buddy Aimee Lagos. Lonny Magazine takes us into her eclectic San Francisco apartment which delicately indulges my new found love, dark bohemian. At least once a week, I want to try and remove things from our space in fear that it makes our place appear smaller yet Christina’s sense of style along with great taste in wallpaper disproves that fact sometimes white walls and minimalistic style can sometimes be boring.

Lonny_1 Lonny_2 Lonny_3 Lonny_4 Lonny_5 Lonny_6 Lonny_7 Lonny_8 Lonny_9 Lonny_10 Lonny_11


All photos via Lonny Magazine // Photography by Melissa Kaseman


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