Couch Surfing

So this Sunday, after a fun filled night I was tending to some self inflicting injuries and laid out on the couch. There were moments where I felt really guilty about being there while it was a beautiful day outside however it was really nice to relax and do nothing, Mackie sure enjoyed it. I did however notice that there were some components that I require in order to maximize my couch surfing time and they are all shared above. If you find yourself with a couch surfing day in your near future, these items will provide the most optimum experience.

1 – A good book – I’m currently reading Scar Tissue for my bookclub and am thoroughly enjoying it. His story is really incredible and I don’t know how he is alive today!

2 – A sweet smelling candle – I love Jo Malone’s candles but I generally just love all candles. They just provide such a soothing atmosphere and are ideal when lounging.

3 – Pillows! I spotted this one in West Elm the other day and just loved the dark moody feel it provided.

4 – A cozy throw – Also while in West Elm, I felt the texture of this throw and it was heaven. I think I need to update my current throw to this guy.

5 – Cashmere Sweatpants – I’ve preached about these before and I just love them so much I had to include them. They are always involved in my couch situations.

6 РMore pillows! I love this texture of the Mongolian Lamb Pillow. A thinks we have too many pillows but I just love how they provide the best couch experience. You can throw them on the floor if you feel there is too many!

7 – A nice large mug – I love the feathers on this one and is currently on sale at Indigo!

8 – Lip Treatment – Anyone else noticing their lips are a lot more dry these days?

9 – Slippers – what a treat for the feet.


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