As a designer, starting out in the field, I’m constantly learning. It’s part great and awesome and also part frustrating at times. Even after having some schooling, an internship and assisting jobs under my belt there are still days where I’m sorting things out. I’m so grateful to be doing something that I love and it just keeps getting better every day and so I’m happy to share a little progress report with #ClientUrbanTreeHouse. We started with the living room and they extended the project to the dining room as well which Laura and I were obviously thrilled about!


We’re in injection a little modernity into their space as that was what it was lacking but still keeping things a little traditional. The client has a vision for a mixed glass/wood dining table which has provide a little more difficult to find but it’s a challenge we gladly accept. These images may appear dark and moody upon first glance but within the space with the freshly painted walls and the large wall of windows – it’s a great juxtaposition. Can’t wait to share the full reveal – the before and after photos will have you on the floor.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6


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