One of the great things about having some time at home is cooking and baking just for the heck of it. I’m really not the best baker but the more I try the more, I imagine, I will get better. Every night after dinner, although we don’t have a full on dessert, we both crave something a little sweet. We tend to buy those large bars of Lindt Chocolate (our favourite is with salt yet it’s always sold out) and snap off a piece or two and that is suffice. One night Andrew came home and wanted cookies for dessert and I thought lets make some! I had read about these cookies a while ago and thought this would be the night I try and make them. Without having read the fine print, I didn’t realize that you are supposed to actually make these 36 hours in advance of baking them! That is insane and we wanted cookies now.

So we tried them. We went to the store to purchase some of the ingredients we needed. You’ll notice in the recipe there are a ton of little secrets that you need to ensure you do like purchasing cake flour – never used that before. It’s imperative to keep to those secrets just like waiting the 36 hours of chilling time in the fridge because well, we tried baking them immediately after mixing them and and they weren’t good. They came out hard and basically inedible that I highly doubted chilling them would actually make them taste any better. I was highly skeptical but couldn’t throw out half a batch of cookie dough! So after patiently waiting, I baked the other half of the dough and it was like magic – they were good! Like really good.

DSC_0010 DSC_0016 DSC_0020 As you can see, I used an ice cream scoop and they didn’t flatten like I had hoped they would but I will just have to try again and make them less high.

DSC_0031 xx

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