As I first mentioned here, we are on the move!

Since first meeting in school while living in Halifax, my Fiancé and I have moved several times and once we found our current apartment we thought we were in going to be set for a while. However, the time has come for a change in location and now I’m slightly freaking out. I’m going to miss a few things from our little place. It treated us fairly well over the past two years where we hosted a number of parties (everything from keggers to pumpkins painting parties) with some minor mishaps along the way including many, many mice, blowing fuses and a useless landlord. What we loved most was the location, Little Italy is such a wonderful place with so many great restaurants, cute little stores and close proximity to Trinity Bellwoods Park. It’s safe to say – it’s going to be missed. We do like an adventure and our next area of Toronto to explore is Liberty Village! I’ve heard mixed reviews but from our research and the place that we have become so fond of, I think we’re going to like it.

Gallery Wall

One of my favourite parts of our current apartment, other than this chalk board door (seen here), is our gallery wall. It was a hilarious feat in putting up, if you look nice and close, they are some not-so straight shelves but it served it’s purpose. This wall features a lot of little things with meaning behind them including:

1. A picture of the Eiffel Tower – I constantly dream of going to Paris and we will get there one day but right now it’s a goal and I think it’s important to place goals right in front of you so you know what you’re working towards.

2. A Royal Doulton statue with the prettiest of blue dress. This was previously owned by Andrew’s Granny who was the one of the greatest ladies there ever was and we think this piece will be with us for ever.

3. Andrew and I did our share of long distance during our relationship and this multi-photo frame was a gift to me when I was leaving the east coast for the big smoke before he came to join me. It was the one of the cutest things he’s ever done and it was so well done for a male!

4. This picture of Andrew and I dressed up as Roger and Joan from Mad Men – its not even a proper picture print but it’s still a keeper and one of our best costumes to-date.

5. The picture is hard to see however it’s my Grams in South Beach, Miami and it’s my favourite photo of her. She looks so glam, like a movie star!

6. More of Andrew and I – too much cheese? This pic was from his graduation from Dalhousie University (a.k.a. the best school ever!)and we almost look like babies but I think it’s pretty cute.

7. Our souvenir of our trip to Australia. It’s this really neat piece of art and we couldn’t leave without it. It’s also a nod to my brother and wife who are currently living there. Miss you Matt and Sar!


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