My Style // Current Uniform

Soooooo I remember reading things or overhearing moms say how their new role as a mom has taken over their style and the function of an outfit was more of a priority than appearance. Yah, I was totally that girl who said in my mind, that will not be me – “I will become a mother and still get dressed every morning!”. Yes, I do get dressed every morning but lets just say I’m much more casual and function does come to mind a lot more than I thought it would. My current uniform for Spring is pants (can’t wait until short weather is here – so close!), long sleeve tee or sweater and a jacket, flats (most likely runners). The good thing about this uniform is that I’m getting a lot of use out of my everyday basics. I feel like I’m actually wearing a lot of the clothing I already owned versus searching for new ones!

Everything in this pics is old (other than my sneaks which I LOVE) so I won’t bother linking but DO want to share that I’m super happy with my stroller – I was kinda sad I didn’t go for the Bugaboo since I do find it slightly chicer but this UppaBaby has really worked for me and I’ve taken it EVERYWHERE! I literally love how the car seat just clips in and out of the stroller with ease (super important when Stella is coming to work with me) and the basket underneath holds a TON (a box of wine even fits in there).


Fun Footwear

Back from a small hiatus! Was away for a week vacation in Florida, welcomed Spring (finally!) and whole lot in between but happy to be back in the saddle.

Shoes have always been a thing of mine. When touring people through our home and we reach the basement where my “second closet” is set up – I get a lot of comments. What can I say? I love shoes – they always fit, can make an outfit and are just generally very important to me. Sneakers are surely having a moment right now  and are definitely a style of shoe I’ve been wearing a lot more these days. The best part about sneakers is that they are becoming so interesting and beyond your basic shoe – what else could you ask for? Having recently purchased some glitter kicks (pictured above!)- I rounded up a couple other sneak trends that I have my eye on.

glitter 1 / 2 / 3

pom pom 1 / 2 / 3

blush tones 1 / 2 / 3

playful 1 / 2 / 3


My Style // The Statement Coat

:: Shoes, Coat (since sold out but similar!), Jeans (old but similar), Sweater (also old!), Sunnies (the standards) ::

I would love to start this post but saying that my style hasn’t changed much at all since transitioning into motherhood but that would be a flat out lie. It’s interesting to look back over the years and how my current life status has influenced my style but how could it not, right? From working in an office, to being my own boss (in a very different field) and working from home to being a mom, I’ve really changed somethings but try to stay true to quality items at the very least. That would mean not spending money on fake shearling jackets, right? Well I couldn’t help myself. If there’s one thing that helps me feel put together these days when I’m short on time to get ready, it’s a good coat. Since I keep reverting to basics in my outfits (especially in this drab weather) it’s been a lot of jeans, tee’s, button up and sweaters so when I can throw something overtop of all that basic-ness that elevates my look a bit, I’ll take it. Enter this faux shearling coat. I’ve wanted a shearling FOREVER. My Dad had one while growing up, and I’ll never forget the one that got away a long time ago at a Danier (RIP) outlet back in Ottawa. Since then, it’s been on my wishlist. Once I saw this one featured on instagram on another blogger and learned it was Zara, it had to be mine!

Baby Girl Style

When we found out we were expecting, there were different levels of emotions and feelings that came over me. Excitement, worry and fear to name a few but over the past couple of weeks I’ve discovered how much fun it is to buy baby clothes! We had always known that we wanted to know the sex of our baby before their arrival but one area of danger that you may come across is a lot of gender specific clothing. There are SO many cute unisex options out there (with also tons of really cute girly options) so it’s nice to find a little balance of both and I’ve been attempting to curate her wardrobe (this is just a funny sentence to type out) in that way.


Considering I never really went baby shopping before (unless it was for gifts etc.) but there are endless items out there in big box and little stores (and then there’s always your friends who have those hand me downs which are always great!) so I’ve rounded up some adorable looking pieces for little baby girls! As you can see it’s mostly neutral but I couldn’t resist the red patent leather mary janes – it’s like the pop of a red lip!

one. – I don’t think I could justify the cashmere outfit for the babe (baby dry cleaning!?) but it’s sooooooo cute! Clearly I’m looking forward to dressing her in stripes, didn’t fully realize that until I stepped back from this image.

two. – Cute little booties! So stylish and again, neural but versatile!

three. – I’m obsessed with the colour rust this fall and it’s only appropriate to share the love with the babe.

four. – Super cute striped top to layer with (do you layer a baby’s clothing? Am I crazy?)

five. – This set is just adorable, love the asymmetrical lines.

six. – I may or may not have purchased these – I’ll wear the red nail polish and she can wear the booties!

seven. – I almost died when I saw these cardigans for babe, double breasted? So chic!

eight. – Again, more stripes and keeping it simple but apparently I’m going to need a lot of onesies at the beginning since they go through clothing at a rapid pace.



This Week

img_2742 Rolling into the weekend again and I couldn’t be more thankful! As I get further and further along in this pregnancy, I’m feeling a little more anxious. I feel like I’ve been quite cool, calm and collected for the most part until I realized that I’m now considered full-term and could deliver at any day (WHAT?).  This past week was a big one for us in terms of progress – car seat has been purchased (a big one for bringing the babe home!), pre-natal class was attended (and was super helpful) and our dresser for the nursery arrived today (baby laundry in process and smells so good).  Excited to slow down a little this weekend with a spa day tomorrow celebrating my cousin who is a bride-to-be. Hope your weekend treats you well!


I feel nothing like these photos today – here is sunshine and smiles and I’m feeling a little more like the weather, a little tired, gray and moody (hormones?!).

img_2743 img_2746


My Bump Style // The Long Tee


I’ve been resisting purchasing too many maternity items however somethings I’ve been unable to avoid. Pants for one thing – totally necessity and the second thing would have to be shirts that are long enough to cover the belly. There’s nothing worse than it being a little short and your belly peaks out from underneath, not chic. Luckily, most brands now offer some form of maternity wear and you aren’t having to go to these god awful stores for your goods. Keeping things basic, I ordered some simple tee’s from ASOS’s maternity line and they were perfect! Great for layering for this time of year when I can’t quite seem to nail my outfits with the temperature (not to mention that I’m constantly just hotter than usual).

dsc_0013 dsc_0021 dsc_0028 dsc_0017

photography by: Laura Collins


My Bump Style // Poplin Tunic

Today marks 35 weeks (insert shocked face here) of my pregnancy and we’re getting close! This past weekend our family and friends threw us a lovely shower which really did make it feel all the more real that we are going to have a baby soon! Getting dressed everyday definitely is taking more time, when I put something on and it fits, it’s a major win and another win is finding non-maternity clothing that works with the bump like this tunic. Also, sidenote – Olivia Palermo has been also been spotted wearing it which makes me happy. I love the large cuff and button details on the cuff and I’ve literally never met a striped shirt I did not like.

img_2243 img_2646 img_2246 img_2245 img_2254 xx

My Bump Style // Tank Dress over Tee


:: Dress // Bag // Slides // Sunnies ::

One bogus thing about pregnancy style is that you can’t always participate with current trends. I miss high-waisted jeans, and I miss them bad. I am however extending the length of time I can wear dresses since they are the simplest when pulling myself together. I had been on the hunt for a tank dress for a while and while there are a million and one options out there, when I saw the detailing of this dress I knew it was the one! I can’t say I’m fully supportive of all the 90’s trends that have arisen this season but this is one that I dig. I love that it extends the wear of your tank dresses into fall while also providing me with more coverage in areas that are necessary right now.

dsc_0028 dsc_0024 dsc_0026


My Bump Style // Polka Dance


:: Dress (sadly, sold out!), Bag, Shoes ::

With the weather still at crazy high temps I’m so thankful for dresses during this stage of pregnancy. Shorts and pants are great but just not as comfortable and easy as throwing on a dress and heading out the door. I’ve official embraced the bump and letting her just hang out. There was a time that I felt so in between that it looked more like a tummy than a pregnancy belly so at 31 weeks, feeling like I’m in a better position to let her go. The thing that I really liked about this dress is that it’s pulled and or ruched in the right areas. At first glance, it could be lame and totally “traditional maternity” but I more or less thought it was a classic and paired with a little edgier shoe – so it was a win for me. I bought it just before our trip to Paris so I could wear it on a date night and since it’s jersey I was a tad concerned (not my favourite material for dresses!) but it packed so well and was very versatile.


dsc_0014 dsc_0005 dsc_0002


My Style : Dressing the Bump


:: Sunnies, Shirt, Shorts, Sandals (old but similar) ::

So it’s safe to say that “I’ve popped” as the saying goes. For weeks, months, it appeared more like a burger and or beer belly before a pregnancy belly which was not chic. I’ve been feeling great and I’ve been enjoying the summer like no other but one thing I’m not Mclovin’ right now is the maternity style. I thought I would be all over it – loose and flowy yet I’ve never missed high-waisted jeans more in my life and I NEVER thought that I would be wishing for a waistband. We always want what we can’t have, right? I mean, I love the oversized mens shirt as the next girl but perhaps I’m mostly struggling with the fact that I just have less options and have to make it work. No one wants to invest a ton into the clothing that you’re going to wear for a couple months. I did succumb to the maternity pants and or shorts and they have been really great. I wanted to share some info that I discovered when purchasing them!


So there are two types of bands – the short type that essentially is a large elastic band where your traditional waistband goes and then theres the large belly band. I vote large belly band. I just like you feel totally covered (I’ve never been a show your midriff type person, all the power to you if you are) but you don’t have to be as concerned about reaching and sharing your belly with the world. It is however an extra layer that can be way warmer in the summer months.


There are two types of larger belly bands – one that start right way from the pockets and don’t even present to have a waistband – and then there are some, like the example above that d have a little button and a gap to sorta stuff your shirt in. I love half-tucking a shirt so these have my name written all over them. These are actually from a brand name Mamalicious (terrible name if you ask me) and found they are reasonably priced and made stylish jeans. They’re a British brand but I purchased my shorts from this amazing maternity store here in Toronto and found some jeans through ASOS DSC_0011

Oh and I’ve hopped onto the choker trend – I just went to Michaels and bought a piece of suede string and called it a day.  DSC_0010 DSC_0016


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