DSC_0018 It’s still strange to me that it’s 2015! I know I will be crossing out the 4 numerous times before I get it straight. In my previous post I shared how Andrew and I celebrated and we ended up a sweet house party that made me feel really alive! The next day, while we sat over brunch – Andrew and I chatted about our highlights from 2014 (the wedding, obvs!) but also what our plans and goals were for 2015. Things that we wanted to do, implement and things didn’t want to do (hello hellish hang overs?).  Not necessarily resolutions but you catch my drift. Although I’m still working on what those things are – I’m excited to embark on a new year that will hopefully be as bright as the sweater I’m wearing.

I stopped into my local Joe Fresh and immediately when I saw this sweater, I quietly nodded my head to myself and was said, yep – I’m going to need it. I normally like to stick to neutrals with my knits. I like that I can easily pair them yet this one, saturated pink sweater, just spoke to me. I like it when life happens like that, you just know with zero thought or hesitation. Here’s hoping that 2015 will also speak to me just so.


:: Jacket (old), Sweater, Pants(old), Booties::




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