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Let me preface this post with “I’m not a beauty expert” but I’m more a beauty enthusiast – if you will. If there was one part of a beauty routine that I admire most, it would be the bold lip. I love how it adds that punch and can really allow you to appear more pulled together even if your hair is a mess and the rest of your make up is barely there (in fact that’s the best situation for a bold lip!). Some days I will be sitting at my desk, maybe in an afternoon lull and I’ll think to myself – I need to put a lip on. Below I share my steps on how I achieve my version of the bold lip.
The SECRET WEAPON – the other steps listed are optional but this one really provides the best base for your colour.
Use a little bit of the Lip Polish on clean, dry lips and wipe off with a tissue. Then use a lip moisturizer, I choose Enydrial Repair Lip Care because it’s moisturizing for dry, chapped or damaged lips. Specially formulated and tested by dermatologists to moisturize, protect, nourish, soothe and repair dry skin. There’s nothing worse than applying a beautiful colour on chapped lips.
The liner – Oh how it reminds me of the 90’s! Remember when women used to place a dark liner around their lips – yuck! That is certainly something you don’t want. The great thing about liner is that it doesn’t need to be the exact same shade as your lip colour. It really helps your lip colour stay put and helps prevent the ring of fire.
Now it’s colour time! When doing a bolder lip look I like to ensure that it covers ever inch of my lip’s surface.

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