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Our kitchen is currently a mix match of colours and finishes. Silver, dark brown, white cesarstone, black speckles granite – yuck! The previous owners made some great additions yet they don’t necessary fit a certain theme or style which after almost 2 years of living in, is driving me up the wall! We are planning on doing a mini-reno (I would love to redo the whole thing to be completely honest) however it doesn’t necessarily make sense since we aren’t going to be in this space for that much longer. One thing that is a bit unique than your average kitchen is our black appliances. Since they are all in working order we aren’t planning on replacing them and I’m happy about it because I just think that almost every kitchen I see has the stainless steel. I like that the black is a little different. Sticking with that theme we are going to be changing our cabinetry and while I’m still on the fence, I’m feeling the black on bottom with white on top. It feels a certain level of chic versus doing them all the same.

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