We’ve been in our new home a month now and I’m still sharing pictures of our old place. As much as I love being a homeowner there are still things that I miss about living in a building. Little things that I never thought I would miss but mostly I’m missing living in a space that was complete and functioning with our needs (still living out of a suitcase here!).

It’s funny how long that takes once you move in. Unless you are moving into a new build and one which you are a part of in regards to the design, it’s rare that you’re completely set up for your needs and it’s even more rare that you find a home with enough closet space! This is always a big one for us because (ahem) I tend to have a lot of clothing.



Now that we’re sleeping in a king-sized bed, this double just looks tiny! I remember moving into our loft and really having no clue what to do with this dresser and it lived in the awkward spot it’s currently in for a little while now. The mess on top of the dresser with my jewels etc makes me cringe! As well as the lost little corner in the back.


The accent wall was left from the previous owners and so I knew that I wanted to get rid of that and create a semi-custom closet for our things that will help disguise some of our stuff and leave us with a clean look.



img_0683 Ahhhh that’s better! We clearly painted over the accent wall and brightened up the space by painting it white. I added those pendant lights (sold out now but were found at Urban Outfitters) to leave more space on our little nightstands. The room was still small and we added an IKEA Pax Wardrobe which was not small but it allowed us to properly store and hide things which gave us the clutter-free appearance.

I’m also currently obsessed with the undone, messy linen bed look and found a really inexpensive options at IKEA! The black and white pillows were found at HomeSense and the other fun pillows were the most expensive textiles on there. The vintage one on the right was a splurge purchase at Shoppe (by Amber Interiors, my fave!) and the one on the left was from Bali! I love that little store and which I could go back and buy MORE pillows.


Shoe storage! So exciting and necessary because out of sight, out of mind with me so it was so nice to “shop” my shoes this way. Even though since I left a desk job I’m not wearing nearly as many heels, I haven’t gotten rid of them yet! Also – this mirror is a great steal from Home Depot – you can totally overspend on the exact same version but this one is great and a the best part, a great deal!  img_0707 img_0676


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