When we found out we were expecting, there were different levels of emotions and feelings that came over me. Excitement, worry and fear to name a few but over the past couple of weeks I’ve discovered how much fun it is to buy baby clothes! We had always known that we wanted to know the sex of our baby before their arrival but one area of danger that you may come across is a lot of gender specific clothing. There are SO many cute unisex options out there (with also tons of really cute girly options) so it’s nice to find a little balance of both and I’ve been attempting to curate her wardrobe (this is just a funny sentence to type out) in that way.


Considering I never really went baby shopping before (unless it was for gifts etc.) but there are endless items out there in big box and little stores (and then there’s always your friends who have those hand me downs which are always great!) so I’ve rounded up some adorable looking pieces for little baby girls! As you can see it’s mostly neutral but I couldn’t resist the red patent leather mary janes – it’s like the pop of a red lip!

one. – I don’t think I could justify the cashmere outfit for the babe (baby dry cleaning!?) but it’s sooooooo cute! Clearly I’m looking forward to dressing her in stripes, didn’t fully realize that until I stepped back from this image.

two. – Cute little booties! So stylish and again, neural but versatile!

three. – I’m obsessed with the colour rust this fall and it’s only appropriate to share the love with the babe.

four. – Super cute striped top to layer with (do you layer a baby’s clothing? Am I crazy?)

five. – This set is just adorable, love the asymmetrical lines.

six. – I may or may not have purchased these – I’ll wear the red nail polish and she can wear the booties!

seven. – I almost died when I saw these cardigans for babe, double breasted? So chic!

eight. – Again, more stripes and keeping it simple but apparently I’m going to need a lot of onesies at the beginning since they go through clothing at a rapid pace.



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