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img_2742 Rolling into the weekend again and I couldn’t be more thankful! As I get further and further along in this pregnancy, I’m feeling a little more anxious. I feel like I’ve been quite cool, calm and collected for the most part until I realized that I’m now considered full-term and could deliver at any day (WHAT?).  This past week was a big one for us in terms of progress – car seat has been purchased (a big one for bringing the babe home!), pre-natal class was attended (and was super helpful) and our dresser for the nursery arrived today (baby laundry in process and smells so good).  Excited to slow down a little this weekend with a spa day tomorrow celebrating my cousin who is a bride-to-be. Hope your weekend treats you well!


I feel nothing like these photos today – here is sunshine and smiles and I’m feeling a little more like the weather, a little tired, gray and moody (hormones?!).

img_2743 img_2746


Project Update // Our Nursery

Hello Wednesday! Warning – this post is really long but there’s been so much work put into this little nursery, I felt the need. This week marks 37 weeks pregnant, and it’s suffice to say, I’m trying to keep my cool but also simultaneously freaking out and trying to get this nursery in order before her arrival. Luckily, this past weekend we made some major progress and it’s feeling like we’re getting there (at the same time feeling like we still have a ways to go!). It was unlike any other room we’ve done in the past. We did some work in our little loft yet nothing that removed baseboards and existing flooring etc so I think it’s safe to say that this was our largest DIY project yet. If you don’t recall – you can check our my inspiration for this room here.

So, here is where we started – please don’t hate on the ugly pictures… it was hard to photograph it in a chic or nice way but it’s also important to share the reality, right?


So this room was a bit random and was even a bit of a gamble when we purchased our home. It’s basically like a tandem third bedroom off of a proper second bedroom but it offered lots of light which we loved. Three windows to be exact. The size of a room is roughly 10×10 which was sufficient space for a babe however there’s no door which again, is a bit odd but we took our chances.


You can see the awful carpet that was here when we took possession. I didn’t really realize how bad it was until we moved in (sometimes when you’re viewing a home with rose coloured glasses things tend to slip through the inspection cracks). We deemed it unfit for a nursery since it had it’s fair share of stains etc that seemed permanent.


:: Another glam shot of the space ::


:: Mackie’s bum! ::

Here you can see the entryway (with no door) and the little glass window that views out to the second bedroom. Also – another fun fact about this room is that there is no ceiling light but it has two wall sconces (not the most fun since I love a good lighting mix, the more lighting the better).



:: Here is where we thought we had struck gold! Peeling back the layers ::

img_2176 img_2175

:: AND THEN, we found hardwood! YAY! But don’t get so excited ::


Because it turned out to be unsalvageable! Sad news bears but we came up with a great solution – when in doubt, paint it white, right? Also props to my hubby A and my pops T for helping with this major DIY project.


Just needed to fill some of those holes in with some putty and move on!

img_2432 I’m sure this is making some people cringe (painting wood white) but I was super happy with the decision that also happened to be the least expensive option!

We used a recommended floor paint that is a little thicker than your wall paint and had a very slight gloss to it.  img_2440-1 img_2441 img_2491

This is not our final rug situation but this little number I brought back from Morocco made the cut into the nursery (yay!). Also, lets not talk about how my other rug for this space is currently in Ohio (it’s getting sorted, or that is what they are telling me).


Now for the fun part, the walls! I knew I had wanted something SUPER off-white but almost white, you know what I mean? Those are typically the hardest to decide upon because the smallest amount of variance in colour could change EVERYTHING. So I went a little nuts with the amount of samples I tried. img_2439

If you follow me on Snapchat, you may have seen that we opted for the bottom left! It’s Benjamin Moore Opal OC – 73. It’s exactly what was I searching for and I couldn’t be happier with how the walls turned out.

In other exciting wall news, I’ve partnered with Metrie Interior Mouldings and Finishings  to really bring this nursery to the next level. I’ve always LOVED the look of mouldings on walls from the quarter round right up to the crown and it just felt right to add these touches to this babe-to-be’s space. Having baby-mooned in France, the country which just has the prettiest, sophisticated spaces I was inspired by their French Curves collection. Since it was still a small space, I didn’t want to over do it with the sizing and the amount of mouldings but I’m so happy with what we went for.


So we did things a little backwards, being our first-time installing moulding and all but we were a little eager and painted our walls before our applied mouldings was installed so take note if you are planning on doing this in your future spaces – don’t paint before they are installed! In retrospective this was such a rookie mistake but what can I say? Since this house is really old (built in 1909) our walls were a little wonky, ceilings and floor uneven so we came across quite a bit of gapping happening but nothing that a little wood putty couldn’t help with. Once we filled those little gaps, it really helped bring the whole vision together.

dsc_0040 dsc_0039 dsc_0038 img_2761

I CAN’T WAIT to complete this space and share the final before and after photos. It feels so great even having the painted and finished with mouldings.


My Bump Style // The Long Tee


I’ve been resisting purchasing too many maternity items however somethings I’ve been unable to avoid. Pants for one thing – totally necessity and the second thing would have to be shirts that are long enough to cover the belly. There’s nothing worse than it being a little short and your belly peaks out from underneath, not chic. Luckily, most brands now offer some form of maternity wear and you aren’t having to go to these god awful stores for your goods. Keeping things basic, I ordered some simple tee’s from ASOS’s maternity line and they were perfect! Great for layering for this time of year when I can’t quite seem to nail my outfits with the temperature (not to mention that I’m constantly just hotter than usual).

dsc_0013 dsc_0021 dsc_0028 dsc_0017

photography by: Laura Collins


This Week


:: My Grams picked these up for me at Nordstrom and they are the best gummi bears I have ever had! Apparently they are actually made with Dom Perignon ::

Thanksgiving weekend has arrived and brought with it the most glorious fall weather! We’ve been lucky this past week, it’s really been a joy and the ultimate mood pick me up from the gray days we were experiencing last week. A and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner for our families in our new home – which will be super fun. I’m mostly excited to set the table (now that we officially have one!) and have everyone over. Our home is still slowly creeping it’s way to be completed but another major milestone will be hit when we finally receive our sofa on Sunday! So excited to share which one we ended up going with.


:: Shout-out to my bro for getting festive at our Oktoberfest themed baby party last weekend! :: img_2676

:: Signs of fall that I’m loving – the city gets so pretty around this time of year ::


:: This STEAL of a dresser we found for our master bedroom. Needs some loving and a stain job but just guess how much I paid for it? You’ll never guess so I’ll have to tell you – $67!!!!! ::


:: Started the week off with a coffee date with Dad while pretending I’m still in France ::


Colour Crush :: Moss Green


All imagery via Pinterest

Most days, I live in a pretty neutral world, specifically when it comes to designing for myself but lately, this colour has popped up in my life online and IRL and I’m slightly obsessed. It’s a bit dark, a bit moody and totally rich. I first came across Hunted Interior’s bathroom reno and from then on, it was a bit of a love affair! It’s also very suitable to this time of year when I’m drawn to more cozy spaces versus light and bright. I’ve yet to do our master bedroom so perhaps that is where I can inject some of this great colour?


My Bump Style // Poplin Tunic

Today marks 35 weeks (insert shocked face here) of my pregnancy and we’re getting close! This past weekend our family and friends threw us a lovely shower which really did make it feel all the more real that we are going to have a baby soon! Getting dressed everyday definitely is taking more time, when I put something on and it fits, it’s a major win and another win is finding non-maternity clothing that works with the bump like this tunic. Also, sidenote – Olivia Palermo has been also been spotted wearing it which makes me happy. I love the large cuff and button details on the cuff and I’ve literally never met a striped shirt I did not like.

img_2243 img_2646 img_2246 img_2245 img_2254 xx

This Week

Another hectic weeks in the books. I know how everyone talks about how “busy” they are and it gets really annoying when you ask how someone is doing and that’s their response but will it slow down? Considering we have a baby on the way I’m going to go with no, it doesn’t and I just need to adjust to the new norm. This weekend our friends and family are throwing us a co-ed baby party – it will be so nice to see people who we haven’t seen in a while and just overall celebrate this little life milestone we’re about to hit. Each evening we have alone to ourselves I think to myself, these are limited!!!! I hope you have a great weekend!

img_2578 :: The ceremony setting at my best friend’s wedding last weekend ::

img_2558 :: Wedding flowers! ::


:: Visiting a cute local flower shop, Leaf and Bloom ::


:: Sourcing tiles, may be the best part of our job ::


September Vibes

September, my favourite month of the year, is quickly slipping away! I can’t believe we’re late into the last week. It’s amazing how the temperature has changed with the beginning starting out in the high 30’s and now closing out in the teens but that is also what I like about it. Since I’m still living out of a suitcase while our closet is being built I haven’t properly switched over to my fall wardrobe but I’m actually excited about grabbing those layers and knits. Below is a round of what I’m feeling for fall – clearly a lot of neutrals and a little darkness but what better season for Oxblood than fall, am I right?
1 – Marble Cutting Board – I’m currently missing my white countertops and am working with some sort of brown nature so this slice of marble makes it all right in the world.
2 – Interesting Print – I’m currently searching for some unique black and white prints and this one is sad, funny and interesting all at once glance.
3 – Isabel Marant Etoile Hat – I want this hat, and I want it bad. It’s the cool girl hat for fall and when ultimate french cool girl, Garance Dore makes that kind of statement – you listen.
4 – Fjallraven Keb Loft Jacket – Before we get into the full-on winter jackets, this layer will help transition into the cooler months with it’s convenient two-way zipper.
5 – Chic Black Floor Lamp – It’s like the one I’ve been searching for our living room yet far our prince range. Don’t worry – I have a fun DIY coming up to solve that.
6 – Over the Knee Suede Boots – Every fall, I want them and will THIS be the year I finally get them?
7 – Hug Me Lipstick – One of the bridesmaids from this past weekend shared this wicked shade with us and I love it! It’s a great neutral.
8 – Oversized Wool and Cashmere Sweaters – if we don’t live for them in the fall, what else are we living for?
9 – Oxfords – Bare ankle season is still around and I plan on pushing it as far as it will god and I love these simplistic oxfords as well as their colour.
10 – Chic Glass and Brass Pendant –  I have no where to put this but I’m hoping a client will because it’s so pretty!
11 – Leather Pouf – I’m really into poufs these days in living spaces and LOVE the look of this one.
12 – Mud Cloth Pillow – I’ll never get enough of these guys and I’m certainly bringing them into our living space ONCE we finally get that sofa we’re waiting on.

Before and After // Master Bedroom

We’ve been in our new home a month now and I’m still sharing pictures of our old place. As much as I love being a homeowner there are still things that I miss about living in a building. Little things that I never thought I would miss but mostly I’m missing living in a space that was complete and functioning with our needs (still living out of a suitcase here!).

It’s funny how long that takes once you move in. Unless you are moving into a new build and one which you are a part of in regards to the design, it’s rare that you’re completely set up for your needs and it’s even more rare that you find a home with enough closet space! This is always a big one for us because (ahem) I tend to have a lot of clothing.



Now that we’re sleeping in a king-sized bed, this double just looks tiny! I remember moving into our loft and really having no clue what to do with this dresser and it lived in the awkward spot it’s currently in for a little while now. The mess on top of the dresser with my jewels etc makes me cringe! As well as the lost little corner in the back.


The accent wall was left from the previous owners and so I knew that I wanted to get rid of that and create a semi-custom closet for our things that will help disguise some of our stuff and leave us with a clean look.



img_0683 Ahhhh that’s better! We clearly painted over the accent wall and brightened up the space by painting it white. I added those pendant lights (sold out now but were found at Urban Outfitters) to leave more space on our little nightstands. The room was still small and we added an IKEA Pax Wardrobe which was not small but it allowed us to properly store and hide things which gave us the clutter-free appearance.

I’m also currently obsessed with the undone, messy linen bed look and found a really inexpensive options at IKEA! The black and white pillows were found at HomeSense and the other fun pillows were the most expensive textiles on there. The vintage one on the right was a splurge purchase at Shoppe (by Amber Interiors, my fave!) and the one on the left was from Bali! I love that little store and which I could go back and buy MORE pillows.


Shoe storage! So exciting and necessary because out of sight, out of mind with me so it was so nice to “shop” my shoes this way. Even though since I left a desk job I’m not wearing nearly as many heels, I haven’t gotten rid of them yet! Also – this mirror is a great steal from Home Depot – you can totally overspend on the exact same version but this one is great and a the best part, a great deal!  img_0707 img_0676


My Bump Style // Tank Dress over Tee


:: Dress // Bag // Slides // Sunnies ::

One bogus thing about pregnancy style is that you can’t always participate with current trends. I miss high-waisted jeans, and I miss them bad. I am however extending the length of time I can wear dresses since they are the simplest when pulling myself together. I had been on the hunt for a tank dress for a while and while there are a million and one options out there, when I saw the detailing of this dress I knew it was the one! I can’t say I’m fully supportive of all the 90’s trends that have arisen this season but this is one that I dig. I love that it extends the wear of your tank dresses into fall while also providing me with more coverage in areas that are necessary right now.

dsc_0028 dsc_0024 dsc_0026


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