My Bump Style // Tank Dress over Tee


:: Dress // Bag // Slides // Sunnies ::

One bogus thing about pregnancy style is that you can’t always participate with current trends. I miss high-waisted jeans, and I miss them bad. I am however extending the length of time I can wear dresses since they are the simplest when pulling myself together. I had been on the hunt for a tank dress for a while and while there are a million and one options out there, when I saw the detailing of this dress I knew it was the one! I can’t say I’m fully supportive of all the 90’s trends that have arisen this season but this is one that I dig. I love that it extends the wear of your tank dresses into fall while also providing me with more coverage in areas that are necessary right now.

dsc_0028 dsc_0024 dsc_0026


The Couch Dilemma

We have been in our home for three weeks now and I’m feeling that we should be wayyyyyy further along than we are but that’s just a side note. It’s amazing how much I underestimated how much we used our previous couch. WAY underestimated that one. When we knew we were moving, and essentially downsizing our living room space, we knew our massive modern sectional was going to go have to go. So instead of jamming it into our small space until we found a new one, I smartly suggested that we sell it from our other place and wait until we have our new one to bring in.

Well, I also totally underestimated how long I would take to decide on a sofa! It was a SUCH a big decision as it totally dictates your design direction. I wanted to stay away from a white or gray sofa as we just had a white leather one (which we loved and was super easy to clean!) but I wanted our sofa to make more of an impact. Taking a note from Emily Henderson’s #1 design tip and not buying a basic sofa we started our search. If you are searching for a sofa, I highly recommend you read that post – it’s so great and take a look at some of the fugly sofas she shares. YET The fact that it wasn’t a basic sofa was what was making the decision all the more difficult.


  1. Gold Velvet Sofa // 2. Black Velvet Sofa // 3. Rust Velvet Sofa // 4. Camel Leather Sofa  // 5. Hamilton Leather Sofa // 6. Breda Leather Sofa

The first decision was deciding on fabric and then secondly on the colour. Clearly from what I’ve pulled for this post – we were trying to stick around neutral territory. We were tossing and turning between the two fabrics and Andrew did have some requirements including being able to lie down on it (to which I would like to say that’s what beds are for, but we’re compromising on things here). Anyways, we finally made a decision and it’s being prepared for shipping this Friday THANK THE LORD!! I can’t wait to share which one we chose and I can’t wait even more to crash on it after a long day.


This Week

Phew! It’s Fri-yay and I know I’m not the only one celebrating. These past few weeks have been busy to say the least and we’re finally feeling more “at home”. Yesterday evening as I was preparing this post, I was thinking to myself, shit, I don’t have any pretty photos to share of my week and then I was like welp, that’s reality so instead I did a quick tour this AM of our new space and figured I would share what I’m loving thus far. I hate to be “all about the house” (reminder to myself – stop using air quotes!) but they do tend to take over your life especially when you’re more of the DIY type person versus hiring people (lets clarify, I’m totally the type to hire people when necessary but it’s also sometimes great to challenge yourself sometimes, yah?). So tonight, Andrew and I are having a date night which feels like we haven’t had in EVER and it’s a casual one starting with dinner and then a Blue Jays game! Hope you have a good weekend in store, friends.


:: Hair-tie dish from Andrew’s granny ::


:: We have a porch people! And a fern! This makes me very happy except, I need to remove those little dead parts ::


:: We’re usually out of town for this festival and I’m super happy to be finally checking it out this weekend ::


:: Paint contenders for the nursery! ::


:: OK this is a life changer – a King sized bed. Andrew and I have spent the majority of our relationship in a double bed and now, we have so much space it’s insane. Please ignore the coverless duvet ::




My Bump Style // Polka Dance


:: Dress (sadly, sold out!), Bag, Shoes ::

With the weather still at crazy high temps I’m so thankful for dresses during this stage of pregnancy. Shorts and pants are great but just not as comfortable and easy as throwing on a dress and heading out the door. I’ve official embraced the bump and letting her just hang out. There was a time that I felt so in between that it looked more like a tummy than a pregnancy belly so at 31 weeks, feeling like I’m in a better position to let her go. The thing that I really liked about this dress is that it’s pulled and or ruched in the right areas. At first glance, it could be lame and totally “traditional maternity” but I more or less thought it was a classic and paired with a little edgier shoe – so it was a win for me. I bought it just before our trip to Paris so I could wear it on a date night and since it’s jersey I was a tad concerned (not my favourite material for dresses!) but it packed so well and was very versatile.


dsc_0014 dsc_0005 dsc_0002


Project: Our Nursery

To say that I’m pumped to be finally start putting some decor plans into action for our baby-to-be’s nursery is an understatement. Leading up to this point has been a long time coming – we kept holding off an anything major before we moved and now that we’re in our home it’s time to kick things into high gear (and I’m feeling like we almost have no time left!). It’s important to remember (as I’m told) that as a newborn, they don’t need a full, proper, completed nursery, SO I’m trying not to get too freaked out by our timeline but it’s also hard not to. People also told me “you could move with a newborn” when we were searching for a home and I could not have imagined doing what we just did with a little one around. Since we know the gender of our babe, I wanted to have a hint of femininity yet not overkill while still keeping things pretty neutral. I have a bunch of decor items that I’m repurposing in her space which is helpful and great but below is some inspiration as to the direction we are going.

Inspiration //


Love the longer, airy drapery. I never would have thought that I would enjoy Restoration Hardware’s baby vibe but I do enjoy most of what they have to offer.


Christine Dovey just slays every room she takes on and I’ve always loved this image. Includes the animals and somehow these animals are simply more chic? Oh and the dark lighting, LOVE. Our nursery sadly doesn’t have a ceiling light but instead has three lovely little windows and two wall sconces so we’ll work with what we’re given.

Direction //  HerNursery

First things – I’m trying to teach myself photoshop and it is SO HARD. I feel like a grandma taking her turn on a laptop so this little round up I created above here took me WAY too long but hopefully with a little practice, I’ll figure it out.

Oh and remember that instagram post I had shared where I was so super excited about the hardwood we discovered? Well, sadly this past weekend when ripping up the remaining of the vinyl flooring, we discovered they are unsalvageable so we’re putting down new hardwood which slightly makes me sad but anything will be better than the carpet that previously existed there. So voila! Can’t wait to share our progress as we get moving…


This Week

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to post one of these and it’s been quite the week over here! Since officially moving into our home last Friday, we’ve started the process of settling in and setting up our home and in all honesty – it’s been a bit of a blur! I totally underestimated the amount of work in a move but after a quick mani/pedi last evening, I’m slowly getting back to myself (having maintained nails are very important to feeling “myself”).  We’ve been lucky to have friends and family who have helped out along the way and it’s crazy to think that it’s now up to Andrew and I to maintain a proper household. It’s all super exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We sold a lot of our loft furniture so we’re look a little bare but we’re working on it. It will all take time, but confident it will all pay off. Normally we have some travel plans for the long weekend but we’re taking it easy, staying put, and working on the home – hope you have a good one!


:: A quick but necessary lunch at Rose and Sons to say goodbye to a special couple who are moving to NYC. Love the gold salt and pepper shakers! ::


:: Our “new” home is well over a hundred years old and has some great detail like these original doorknobs oh and popcorn walls which are… interesting? ::


:: A new addition – fell in LOVE with this rug and just knew it was the direction I wanted to go with our new living room or master bedroom – still tbd ::


:: Is having babies better than doggies? I’m still not sure but will soon find out! ::


:: Just a small portion of flowers our friends have brought over – thank you friends! ::



Before and After // Our Kitchen

It’s really odd how I never got around to doing this earlier since we completed our kitchen almost a year ago now (gasp!) and I am now fully moved into our new home, but I figured it was worth the share anyhow.


So, as you can see from the before photos the kitchen was totally functional and fine. But who wants to live in a kitchen that is “fine” – not I! After getting my start in the design industry I felt like things started bothering me that never bothered me before. Like a faucet – I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed a kitchen faucet and now I’m super into them! Also, can we talk about the espresso brown cabinetry?? Just the worst and yet so many buildings put them in (hopefully less now than before!).


I had always wanted an all white kitchen however we had a small budget for this kitchen. We knew that we wouldn’t be here forever and just really wanted a facelift more than an overhaul. Since we realized we wouldn’t be replacing the appliances (I didn’t hate the black anyhow!) I thought it may be a good idea to contrast white cabinetry with black for the island and lower cabinetry so it went cohesively with the lower level.

DSC_0003 DSC_0006

Lets also talk about my “chandelier”. You’ve all seen this light from IKEA in many spaces and I previously owned it and thought to myself, sure lets put it up here! It’s visibly too small in scale with the size of our bar/eating area and after Lisa Canning pointed that me it bugged the hell out of me and knew it had to go!



IMG_0441 IMG_0458 IMG_0445

As you can see, just resurfacing the cabinetry made all the difference. I love how the additional storage on top now didn’t look misplaced and it flowed much more naturally than with the espresso brown. I’m also in love with the black faucet as it’s a natural extension from the black granite countertop but also contrasts with our neutral backsplash enough to make a statement. I wanted to bring this guy with me so bad to our new place but couldn’t. I may just have to purchase it again!

Overall, I was super happy with our transformation and would often look to our kitchen from our couch and just be thrilled with the removal of that espresso brown. I highly recommend resurfacing if the function of the space is working for you. Over at Elsie and Kel’s blog – we’ll soon be sharing another project that took this approach and the before and afters are wicked. Can’t wait to share!


Inspiration // Parisienne Everything

We returned from our French Holiday / Baby Moon late Sunday (last Sunday… that’s how behind I am these days!) and it’s safe to say that I’m now obsessed with France and everything French. I’ve taken a couple days to adjust back into the swing of things and work but I can’t stop day dreaming. I know everyone thinks Paris is magic (although, I had also heard that some people didn’t enjoy it!) so there was a small part of me thinking it may be a bit cliche, a bit “overdone” if you will and a bit too precious but I was wrong. I fell in love with it and want to live there. Sidenote: I always want to move after we visit Europe, I just think they do life better and in all honesty, they offer a more chic lifestyle.

Our trip was a fabulous mixture of city bustle and country relaxation and I’m currently still trying to climb out from my vacation depression (it’s a real thing). The good news is that I have come home to plenty of other exciting things including the possession of our new home! It’s been so exciting to visit, start moving little things here and there in and planning out what the space will look like. We’re currently packing up our little loft which is the worst as anyone who has ever moved can attest to but my recent trip now has me ensuring that there’s a hint of french in every room. After flipping through some french decor magazines while on Holiday, I came across this space and just love everything about it. The mixture of the modernity and glamour, the eclectic and classic and the minimal approach yet high impact. I could happily live here!

Paris_1 Paris_2

Currently searching for a large mirror, for our mantle! We have a mantle!!!! Yay! I’m taking lots of pics so I can reveal the before and afters BUT FIRST, I must reveal the before and afters of our loft (can you believe I haven’t done that yet?).  Paris_3

LOVE this art – Have you ever noticed that the J.Crew on Bloor St W in Toronto has something similar? Every time I’m in there I want to walk away with it.  Paris_4

Classical while not boring at all, and those floors I so badly want those floors.


Packing for France

I am so excited to finally be leaving for our French holiday today and hellooooo August! It felt like it took forever to get here while at the same time, the trip has arrived so suddenly and out of the blue. I spent this past long weekend relaxing, visiting Prince Edward County with my girlfriends and preparing for the trip. Mostly running errands, you know, doing the things you do before you leave for a vacation and it was so very nice to have the holiday Monday for some extra time to spend with Mackie before we leave him. He totally knows we are leaving and it’s the worst. He would look so good in France though, it’s too bad he can’t join us!!

As I’ve mentioned many, many times before, I’m the worst packer but with each trip I try to pack less and less while being more strategic. This time around, I’m not bringing the largest suitcase I own, because we all know what happens there – you just fill it. So I’ve packed with a mid size (in my opinion) with a large amount with neutrals. Since I’m also 6 months pregnant, I have less options to work with (boo!) but this has actually made packing light easier. Also, I’m not really too nervous to forget something since we’re travelling to a very stylish city that I’m sure isn’t too shabby to shop in either.


4 paris of shoes may be the lightest I’ve ever travelled with! Sneaks, of course, I mean who doesn’t travel with a pair these days? I left my white superstars at home because every girl in the world is rocking the white sneak trend so I wanted to switch it up.

Strappy flat sandals to pair with a dress for daytime or night – kept it neutral to go with multiple options.

Beach appropriate flats for our day trips from the villa! These were so cheap and cheerful I wouldn’t even mind if they were to be left behind.

Versatile flats that will translate into evening and could be my “fancier” option.


People say to travel with neutrals when you’re trying to make more with less and although that may seem like an obvious statement I never really consciously did this until recently.

Rolling Another tried and true tip that really allows you to pack in more.


Packing helper, Mackie.


Et voila! I’m off with a smaller suitcase that Andrew and that has NEVER happened before.


My Style : Dressing the Bump


:: Sunnies, Shirt, Shorts, Sandals (old but similar) ::

So it’s safe to say that “I’ve popped” as the saying goes. For weeks, months, it appeared more like a burger and or beer belly before a pregnancy belly which was not chic. I’ve been feeling great and I’ve been enjoying the summer like no other but one thing I’m not Mclovin’ right now is the maternity style. I thought I would be all over it – loose and flowy yet I’ve never missed high-waisted jeans more in my life and I NEVER thought that I would be wishing for a waistband. We always want what we can’t have, right? I mean, I love the oversized mens shirt as the next girl but perhaps I’m mostly struggling with the fact that I just have less options and have to make it work. No one wants to invest a ton into the clothing that you’re going to wear for a couple months. I did succumb to the maternity pants and or shorts and they have been really great. I wanted to share some info that I discovered when purchasing them!


So there are two types of bands – the short type that essentially is a large elastic band where your traditional waistband goes and then theres the large belly band. I vote large belly band. I just like you feel totally covered (I’ve never been a show your midriff type person, all the power to you if you are) but you don’t have to be as concerned about reaching and sharing your belly with the world. It is however an extra layer that can be way warmer in the summer months.


There are two types of larger belly bands – one that start right way from the pockets and don’t even present to have a waistband – and then there are some, like the example above that d have a little button and a gap to sorta stuff your shirt in. I love half-tucking a shirt so these have my name written all over them. These are actually from a brand name Mamalicious (terrible name if you ask me) and found they are reasonably priced and made stylish jeans. They’re a British brand but I purchased my shorts from this amazing maternity store here in Toronto and found some jeans through ASOS DSC_0011

Oh and I’ve hopped onto the choker trend – I just went to Michaels and bought a piece of suede string and called it a day.  DSC_0010 DSC_0016


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