It’s a summer Friday friends and another week has passed – apologies for being a little more quiet than usual with the blog – life has been great but filled with many, exciting things! We officially sold our little loft this week which was bitter sweet but necessary for our next step as we move into our first home (which is really, really exciting for us).

This past week while installing some fresh new pillows at a client’s home, Laura and I noted how important it is to add texture in a room. It’s a great way to layer and add interest within a room and the space is noticeably different without it. Since it’s summer and the living is easy, breezy, I’m really into woven accessories for the home and lifestyle. I’ve rounded up several in the some wicked neutrals that can be easily added to any space or outfit.

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have a great weekend!


My Style // Frayed Denim


:: Dress, Shirt, Sneaks ::

Happy first day of Summer! It feels really great being able to say that, it’s been a long time coming. Mother nature has been spoiling us lately with this amazing weather and I’m one happy clam. We had a weekend up north while our place was being shown for an open house and the weather couldn’t have been better. The past week was mayhem so it was great to really chill out and catch up on some reading.

I’m most thankful for the warmer weather to get rid of pants and the ability to wear dresses! With a growing belly it’s just easiest and I’ve been living in loose, flowy dresses. I found this dress that featured some frayed denim (Jen from The Effortless Chic does a great round of up frayed denim pants here, if interested) which is one of my fave summer trends right now. And this dress is from Old Navy folks! I don’t think I had stepped inside a store since high school and I was actually pleasantly surprised! I’ve seen a number of different variations of this oversized denim dress at much higher price points so I was pleased with this little find.

DSC_0009 DSC_0005 DSC_0024 DSC_0022

Client Urban Tree House : Update

As a designer, starting out in the field, I’m constantly learning. It’s part great and awesome and also part frustrating at times. Even after having some schooling, an internship and assisting jobs under my belt there are still days where I’m sorting things out. I’m so grateful to be doing something that I love and it just keeps getting better every day and so I’m happy to share a little progress report with #ClientUrbanTreeHouse. We started with the living room and they extended the project to the dining room as well which Laura and I were obviously thrilled about!


We’re in injection a little modernity into their space as that was what it was lacking but still keeping things a little traditional. The client has a vision for a mixed glass/wood dining table which has provide a little more difficult to find but it’s a challenge we gladly accept. These images may appear dark and moody upon first glance but within the space with the freshly painted walls and the large wall of windows – it’s a great juxtaposition. Can’t wait to share the full reveal – the before and after photos will have you on the floor.

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This Week


:: Current obsession of this week – this coffee table at #ClientUrbanTreeHouse and behind every good piece of furniture in a home, there’s a story ::

Holy moly what a week! Life and work have both been busy but in such a good way. In addition to our little announcement earlier this week, Andrew and I finally found a home to move into! YAY! Anyone dealing with or having dealt with the Toronto real estate market, know that it’s not an easy process. There are highs, lows, heartbreaks and then in the end, happiness. What I wasn’t prepared for though is how much work it is to prepare your current place to be placed on the market. It’s basically like packing up your home and making it as barebones as possible which has actually made me fall in love with it all over again. So clean and minimal I asked Andrew how come we couldn’t live like this and he kindly reminded me of how much “stuff” I tend to acquire over the years. Anyways, moving into this next place, I am going to do my best to limit the amount of “stuff” I bring in (sidenote, it’s also a quaint little home so there’s that too). As usual here are some snaps from this past week.


:: The coolest piano ever at the newest Indigo at Sherway Garden (have you been to this location yet? It’s insane, I could have spent all day in there!):: IMG_1248

:: Fun and kitchy hardware :: IMG_1247 :: Mackie mad that I’m leaving for the day :: IMG_1250

::  A delicious, no frills french bakery ::


This Coming Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner (Sunday June 19th for those that need to set it in their calendars) and this year, this holiday has a little more meaning. Actually, next year’s Father Day will have even more meaning as Andrew, as in my husband, as in Bozzy, will be an actual, real life, DAD. We’re starting our family and expecting our first babe this fall!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.44.33 PM

I’m MOST excited to see Andrew in his upcoming role as a father. We’re both scared to become parents but confident that we’ll figure it out one way or another. Currently in the second trimester and feeling great! I’ve been waiting for the right moment or the right way to share this news – there are some pretty cheesy announcements out there, and there are some cool and creative ones but I felt that sharing Andrew’s newest role was a good fit for us. He’s going to be the best. Can’t wait to share this journey in the coming months.


My Style // All Tied Up


:: Skirt (old but similar), T-shirt, Sandals, Sunnies, Bandana ::

Happy Friday friends!  After only recently transitioning into my summer wardrobe, I’m pumped about wearing skirts and dresses so very much. This one is a favourite from last year – it has a lot of volume with still feeling light. I paired it with one of my current favourite trends (the tied scarf around the neck) and lace up gladiators and realized after putting this outfit together I’m tied up from head to toe – oh and Mack is tied up too of course!

DSC_0012 DSC_0014 DSC_0045 DSC_0026

Vacation Destination // Villa Palmier


It’s been a real treat these last couple of days, weather wise. It actually feels like summer instead of Spring (hello June!) and mother nature just keeps giving! I have finally taken my summer clothes out of winter hiding and it’s such a relief to wear skirts sans tights. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the only thing Toronto is missing is the seaside, then we would truly have it all. I came across this stunning vacation home shared by some other bloggers and didn’t want to be overly redundant but it’s just oh-so beautiful not to. Also – perhaps you are planning your honeymoon or romantic getaway to St-Barts? Destination found.


Images via Amber Interiors via Villa Palmier.


This Week

DSC_0005 :: It happens every year, but I can’t handle how beautiful peonies are!!!! I refreshed my stock this week and I could stop and stare at these beauties for hours ::

This week included some personal struggles for me – you know those times where you want to be super productive, get things done but something is in your way, constantly? That was a couple of days for me this week (not to be overly dramatic or cryptic!) but I’m happy this week is coming to a close and I’m feeling good about a fresh, new week ahead. But not before a weekend full of beautiful weather. A and I are hitting the golf course for our first round of the season (albeit separately) tomorrow and soaking in the rays of sun all Sunday. Enjoy, friends!


:: Quiet scene from the long weekend ::


:: View of our fair city from the ferry from the island ::


:: My friend’s new wet bar beside her patio – LOVE the colour of cabinetry ::


:: Mackie the king on his throne ::


Interior Inspiration // Wood in the Bathroom

How was your weekend? Ours was just awesome. It finally felt like summer – we’ve been deprived of nice weather for so long I wasn’t sure it would ever come. A and I had some time up north as well as some time at home which worked out lovely and it actually felt like a long, long weekend.

While working on a plan for a prospective client and flipping through their inspiration sources, I fell in love with bathrooms with wood vanities. Bathrooms are one room that can be similar, time and time again (and it’s not that I hate an all-white bathroom, because I love them) but I especially love the stylish ones that add some intrigue and interest. Whether it’s a different textile like wood or laying the tiles in a slightly different manner, there’s gotta be something a little more unique. And now I want to redo my whole bathroom…

main.original.640x0c Image13 Amber-Interiors-Client-Freakin-Fabulous-Neustadt-29 download Amber-Interiors-Client-Freakin-Fabulous-Neustadt-1

Image sources from top to bottom: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Get the look! Bathroom_WoodenVanity

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Dining Room Chairs

Yay! It’s the Friday before our first summer-ish long weekend! So exciting that this time has finally come and the weather is seeming to cooperate. We’re headed north for a couple of days and spending one in the city, relaxing in our homestead.

We currently don’t have a dining room. Our kitchen is basically in our living room and vice versa but it works just fine for now since we are on a house hunt which is super exciting! But also disheartening. The real estate market is absurd, competitive and annoying but we are working with a great agent and our dreams aren’t fully crushed yet ha! Anyways, one day, I can’t wait to have a dining room – a place for friends and family to congregate together for delicious meals and copious amounts of wine. One thing however, I didn’t realize before getting into interior design, was the pricing and importance of dining room chairs. They ain’t cheap! But if you are investing in your home and more specifically your dining room – the chairs are a great way to add some interest. Like any form of decor – there are some beauties and there are some seriously bad ones… I’ve compiled a goodies for you to peruse. Have a great one!!

Dining Room Chairs

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